Hyatt World’s Largest Focus Group

September 20, 2013

How do YOU travel? We want to continue listening to our guests to improve their overall travel experience, which is why we are hosting the World’s Largest Focus Group about travel on Twitter September 26, 2013. We want to hear from you on new ideas to make travel more productive, more relaxing and overall, more enjoyable.

This invitation outlines some of the organized Twitter chats happening across the globe – from Australia to Hong Kong and from England to Mexico to the U.S. you can easily participate and win fantastic prizes on September 26 by joining these parties at the designated times. Just make sure to include #HyattWLFG in all of your Tweets and follow any directions provided by your party hosts. You can also follow #HyattWLFG on Twitter throughout the day – or check out our Hyatt Facebook page  to join the World’s Largest Focus Group conversation. For additional information about this planned travel focus group, please leave a comment or tweet us @HyattPR. Hope to see you there!


Hyatt Travel Focus Group




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